Mini Tire Inflator

Say Goodbye to Bulky Tire Inflator !

Have you encountered tire wrinkles before and need to inflate them with a bulky tire inflator? Try our Mini Tire Inflator to resolve your problems effortlessly.



• Portable: The built-in compressor is long and cylindrical, and it is easy to put in a large pocket, emergency bag, or small compartment in a car or bicycle for easy carrying. Perfect for bike/motorcycle/low car tires.
Long-lasting: It has a built-in 2000mAh super-capacity lithium battery that can be recharged via a mobile power supply, household 110V AC adapters, and 12V car cigarette lighters. After it is fully charged, it can quickly inflate an empty tire.
• Backlight: Equipped with two LED emergency lights and a digital display with a backlight, it can provide you with convenient emergency lighting equipment and view the tire clearly at night.
• Intelligent: It will automatically shut down when the maximum pressure is reached to prevent over-inflation of the tire. The pump has four pressure units for you to choose from: PSI, BAR, KPA, Kg/cm², and the maximum pressure can reach 150 PSI.


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