SuperSafe™ Portable Padlock

“The fingerprint lock is super easy to use. The fingerprint recognition is also very sensitive, saves the trouble of finding keys and carrying heavy keys, good quality. Highly recommended.” - Kelsi Y.

One Simple Tip to Keep Your Belongings Safe

Our SuperSafe™ Portable Padlock protects your belongings from theft via biometric fingerprint ! Made from high-quality zinc alloy material, our portable padlock is pick-resistant, anti-drilling and anti-cracking, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are kept safe ! 

"It unlocks in just a second ! You can set two fingerprints as an administrator, and then set up to 10 fingerprints. I've set up mine and my wife so we can both use it." - Blair P.

Why People Love Our Portable Padlock ?

🔒 Easy to Use: You can add or delete fingerprints easily without any tools.

🔒 Lightweight & Portable: Only 90g (less than 0.2lbs) and keep your belongings secure wherever you go.

🔒 No Key: You don't need to worry about your lost key. Just use your fingerprint to unlock the padlock quickly. Say goodbye to your heavy keys !

🔒 Highly Secure: A seamlessly designed zinc-alloy metal body that provides anti-cracking / anti-shearing / anti-prying function prevents any forceful prying from thieves.

Free From Password Cracking 

No two people have the same set of fingerprints. The design of each fingerprint is unique to each person. If the portable padlock does not recognize the fingerprint of a person attempting to gain entry into your home or office, it will block that individual from gaining access. Unlike password locks, our secure keyless padlock cannot be hacked through trial-and-error password cracking.


No Lost Key ! No Forgotten Password ! 

If you always lose your keys or forget your passwords, you should switch to use our portable fingerprint padlock. Your finger is your key ! You don't need to worry about your lost keys or check if you bring your own keys while you are away from home. All you need to do is unlock the padlock with your unique fingerprint ! Say goodbye to your heavy keys !

One Full Charge Lasts For 12 Months 

Low power consumption and long standby time ! It can unlock more than 3,000 times after fully charged. It's as simple as charging a cell phone. Just charge your portable padlock via a USB charging cable !

We Care For Your Family

We understand that your kids may lose the keys, or you may find carrying keys a burden. Even while traveling, keeping your belongings safe would always be a concern in your mind. Sometimes, you or your elderly parents may forget the password on your keypad lock.


This is why we design the SuperSafe™ Portable Padlock. With its keyless design via fingerprint recognition, we want to give you, your kids, your elderly, and your families peace of mind while traveling, working, or simply staying at home.



10 fingerprints can be registered.

Connect the charging port with Micro USB. The padlock is charging if the red light is on. The light is off when it is fully charged.

It can stand by for 12 months after fully charged. When the power is low, the red light will flash to remind you to charge it.

The padlock cannot be opened without electricity. You can use a power bank to charge it so that the lock can be opened.

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