SpyCam Necklace

This Is Not An Ordinary Necklace !

Do you think only males can be James Bonds ? Being female, you can also be the assistant of James Bonds. With our SpyCam Necklace, you can record videos without being noticed in the covert operation, thanks to the hidden camera disguised in the necklace. You don't need to get special training to become a professional James Bond's assistant. All you need to do is to click the button to capture videos easily. Simply connect the cable from our SpyCam Necklace to your notebook or mobile to see the videos.

1080P Necklace with hidden camera
Wearable SpyCam Necklace | Female can be James Bonds !

Portable Camera Charm Necklace | Mini Camera Necklace | Camera Pendant | Camera Jewelry
Spy Camera Necklace
Secret SpyCam Necklace | One Key Recording | Easy to Use
Spy Camera Necklace
SpyCam Pendant | SpyCam Jewelry
spy camera necklace with audio and video

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