SpyCam Desk Lamp

Innovative SpyCam Desk Lamp for Covert Surveillance

Introducing a cleverly designed SpyCam Desk Lamp that does double duty - it illuminates your workspace while discreetly keeping an eye on things. But hidden inside is a high-tech camera that allows you to monitor your surroundings right from your smartphone.

Transform your desk lighting experience with the innovative SpyCam Desk Lamp. This intelligent lamp features an LED light source that provides optimal brightness and efficiency, while its integrated HD 1080p camera captures
Introducing the SpyCam Desk Lamp - a versatile bedside lamp that doubles as a remote monitor. This innovative smartphone-compatible lamp features a charming picture of a sleeping child, and supports night vision that you can see clearly at night.At first glance, the streamlined design looks like a standard modern lamp. The LED bulb provides crystal-clear illumination for reading or tasks. But the real surprise is the full 1080P HD wifi camera tucked discreetly inside. It captures crisp footage that you can view on your phone anytime, anywhere.

A child is doing homework while getting light from SpyCam Desk Lamp.

And with two-way audio, you can use the lamp as a communication device. Simply talk to your little ones via the built-in microphone and speaker. Its multi-layer lighting filter emits a natural, eye-healthy light that is perfect for studying. So you get smart security without sacrificing your child's vision. It discreetly turns any ordinary space into a monitored zone.

A mobile app screenshot showcasing various features including a remote monitor.
A SpyCam Desk Lamp with a camera on it that supports two-way audio and talking.
The Desk Lamp is a versatile gadget that functions as both a source of illumination and a surveillance device, seamlessly blending into any setting. With its advanced SpyCam technology, it discreetly captures videos and photos.
The real time monitoring screen can be shared among different people with SpyCam Desk Lamp.
Child can use one quick call to parents using a SpyCam Desk Lamp.
The SpyCam Desk Lamp features an image of a cactus, showing the better light illumination than other lamps.
A person is holding up a smartphone with the text no strobe lighting protects children's eyes.
SpyCam Desk Lamp supports bidirectional voice intercom call
A series of pictures capturing children having fun with a SpyCam Desk Lamp.
SpyCam Desk Lamp lets you have remote monitoring via your smartphone, tablet, Android phone, iPhone and desktop computer.
The SpyCam Desk Lamp is a versatile lighting solution with three adjustable modes. It also allows for remote monitoring through your smartphone.
SpyCam Desk Lamp capture videos with super clear quality even at night, thanks to night vision function.
The SpyCam Desk Lamp is an innovative design with a hidden camera, making it the perfect companion for any workspace. With its built-in smartphone compatibility, users can easily connect to have remote monitoring of his home.
An image of a smartphone-controlled desk lamp with a wireless wifi connection.
A person holding up a smartphone with a SpyCam Desk Lamp on it.
A diagram showing the parts of a SpyCam Desk Lamp that can be connected to a smartphone for remote monitoring.
A young boy sitting at a desk with a SpyCam Desk Lamp.
A white SpyCam Desk Lamp on top of a table, featuring remote monitoring capabilities for smartphone usage.
A white SpyCam Desk Lamp with a hidden camera.
A white LED desk lamp on a stand with smartphone connectivity for remote monitoring.

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