Pythagorean Speaker Table (Wireless Charging)

This Is Not An Ordinary Table !

A rich and immersive Bluetooth speaker side table delivers authentic 360° sound for consistent and excellent coverage without compromising style and function. You can put it in the center of any room to resonate and amp music in your space for the best listening experience. It also charges your mobile, which supports Qi wireless charging technology.


It features a smooth, round, fabric speaker body that allows a high-range Bluetooth connection in an eye-catchy and compact height, measuring 23-inches high and 16-inches wide only.



3 different colors are available (Walnut, Brown, and Black)
• Dimension: 60 x 40 cm / 23 x 16 in

Easy to use & 15W fast wireless charging
• Turn off automatically when fully charged
• Perfect gift for your loved ones

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