SmartScan™ Translation Pen

Lightweight Yet Accurate Translation

Do you want to have a live translator ? Our SmartScan™ Translation Pen is lightweight and just pocket-sized and helps you translate to 112 languages ! 

SmartScan™ Translation Pen 

Fast Scanning & Translation

This powerful translator device can quickly perform translation through text scanning and identify the translation in 0.5 seconds with high accuracy. Both curved and flat texts can be scanned and translated.

SmartScan™ Translation Pen

Voice Translation

This portable translator supports real-time voice translation in 112 languages for online translation. For offline translation, it supports 11 languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian.

SmartScan™ Translation Pen

Storage & File Transfer Function

  Apart from translation, our SmartScan™ Translator Pen also supports storage of scanned text excerpt and file transfer functions. You can scan the records during the reading process to facilitate a future review.

SmartScan™ Translation Pen

Flexible Adjustment

It is easy to charge this sleek translator device through the Type-C interface of the USB cable and supports up to 6 hours of word search, which can meet your daily learning needs. You can adjust the speaking rate, volume, and voice according to your habits. SmartScan™ Translation Pen

Portable Design

This device has a large 2.86-inch touch screen and weighs about 200g. Thanks to the compact design, you can store it in a bag or pocket hassle-free. You can also use it when traveling, reading a manual, participating in conferences, and studying in the library.

SmartScan™ Translation Pen


  • Charging Time : 1-2 hours
  • Memory Capacity: 8G (Supports Expansion)
  • Standby Time : 5-7 days or longer
  • Material : ABS
  • Battery : 1050mAh Li-polymer
  • Network: WiFi
  • Resolution : 376*960
SmartScan™ Translation Pen

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