SmartFace™ Skin Reliever

The device is light and convenient to hold in hands. There is vibration with different therapy modes. It makes my skin so silky smooth. Even my husband finds it super !” - Linda K.

Say Goodbye to Your Skin Problems

Do you find your face always has acne, pores, wrinkles, or feeling the face is still dirty after removing the makeup? We fully understand your pain points. That's why we designed the SmartFace™ Skin Reliever to help you clean your face, massage your face, and most importantly, rejuvenate your dull skin to make you look at least ten years younger !

"My skin finally looks attractive, and it's worth every penny to use this device! My boyfriend is so surprised to see the effect & he starts to use it too !" - Charlotte O.

Why People Love Our SmartFace™ Skin Reliever ?

Lightweight: Comfortable to hold and use for a long time.

Improve Your Skin: Turn your dull skin into a glowing one.

✅Rechargeable: Simply charge the device with a USB cable, just like charging a phone.

✅Clean Your Skin: Clean your makeup, oily skin, dirty substance on your face thoroughly.

✅Fit for Everyone: Both males & females of all ages can use it.


Take Your Skin Quality to the Next Level 

Do you know sunshine can generate "vitamin D" in your body, which plays a vital role in skin protection and rejuvenation? Simulating the sunlight and professional phototherapy, our SmartFace™ Skin Reliever offers both red ray and blue ray modes. While the red ray mode aims at making your skin more elastic, improving your sagging skin and wrinkles, the blue-ray mode is especially suitable for removing acne, tightening large pores, and smoothing your skin easily. All you need to do is use this all-in-one beauty device for your skincare, and your skin quality will improve and take to the next level.

Positive Ion Cleansing 

Do you know dirty skin will be 15 to 30 times more likely to develop itchy, red, and unsightly inflammatory skin condition ?  With our SmartFace™ Skin Reliever, it can effectively clean the oily skin, particularly for those areas more prone to produce oil, such as your T-zone, nose, forehead, and chin.  The SmartFace™ Skin Reliever also helps you remove the makeup more effectively than you just clean it with your hands without our device, thanks to the cutting edge positive ion technology that provides deep cleansing thoroughly for your translucent skin.


We understand there are many skin problems, including eye bags, loose skin, pores, acne, dull skin tone, dirty face, wrinkles, etc. Equipped with different smart operating modes, our SmartFace™ Skin Reliever can massage your face for better contours, work with facial masks to reduce the eye bags, tighten your sagging skin, clean dirty substance from your face, instantly turn your dull skin into a glowing one, and gradually smooth your wrinkles to make you look younger ! We save you lots of money buying different expensive gadgets just for having various skincare effects. We also save your time to visit the beauty salon for lengthy and costly skincare treatment. With our SmartFace™ Skin Reliever, you can take care of your skin at any time at your home without any hassle.

One Full Charge Lasts For 7 Days

With just three short hours of charging our SmartFace™ Skin Reliever, you can use it for as long as seven days. When your battery runs out, simply connect it to the USB charger and get back to the skincare process after it is fully charged.

A Perfect Gift For Your Loved Ones

Having glowing elastic skin is not just the dream of females but also males. It is perfect for you to send our SmartFace™ Skin Reliever as a gift to your loved ones. They can save money and time to visit the beauty salon for expensive treatment. We genuinely believe your friends and family will love our smart device for improved skin quality as much as you do.

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