Smart Weight Scale

“It is so easy to connect my phone to this smart weight scale to monitor my health status.” - Audrey B.

Say Goodbye to Your Overweight

Do your know too much fat in your body can raise cholesterol level ? Worse still, such fat builds up in your arteries and eventually blocks your blood vessels. Obesity not only affects your body shape but also increases your risk for heart disease and stroke. We fully understand your concern. That's why we designed the Smart Weight Scale to help you effectively monitor your weight, body fat, muscle mass, etc., without any hassle !

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"This weight scale is brilliant and multi-functional. I don't need to use different devices, but only this all-in-one weight scale !" - Linda C.

Why People Love Our Smart Weight Scale ?

Lightweight: Ultra-thin and occupy little space for storage.

Auto On/Off: Once you step on the weight scale, it powers on automatically. It will turn off itself to save electricity if not in use.

✅Sync with Mobile App: Sync data to your phone via our smart app, which can further sync with Samsung Health, Apple Health, and Google Fit app.

✅High Capacity: Supports a maximum of 400lbs / 180kg / 28st.
✅Clear Display: Self-Illuminated LED display provides clear readout at any angle.

Built-in Smart Sensor

Our Smart Weight Scale uses a high-precision manganese steel sensor to accurately detect subtle changes. Every glass of water you drink and every meal you eat can be easily quantified and displayed as pounds or kilograms, helping you monitor your weight closely.

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All-In-One Device

You may want to know more about your health apart from your weight. That's why our Smart Weight Scale not just provides the accurate weight reading but also allows you to connect to your mobile to check your body status, including muscle mass, bone mass, body fat, visceral fat, BMI, etc. Such comprehensive data will give you an overall picture of if you are fit enough or need more workouts to lose weight.

A Perfect Gift For Your Loved Ones

With detailed body data designed for children, adults, and the elderly, it is perfect for you to send our Smart Weight Scale as a gift to your loved ones. They can save money and time to visit the health center for expensive routine checkups. We genuinely believe your friends and family will love our smart device for improved monitoring of your body as much as you do.


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Smart weight scale | Share data with your family

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