Shirt Button SpyCam

This Is Not An Ordinary Shirt Button

Do you want to try the gadgets used by James Bond ? It is high time you should become the next James Bond 2.0 ! The super tiny camera is disguised in the form of a shirt button. You can change the mode from taking a photo to capturing a video with just one tap on the button. Connecting this Shirt Button SpyCam to your notebook via a USB cable to get the images and videos. Grab one now to taste the life of James Bond !

Shirt Button SpyCam


• Real-time recording in AVI video format
• Two memory options of 16GB and 32GB are available for video recording

• Charge the shirt button via a USB cable & the battery is not needed
• The shirt button can record the video for 60 minutes after fully charged
• Non-stop recording & override the first video automatically when the memory storage is full
• Video resolution is 640 x 480, 720 x 480 or 1280 x 960 VGA
• Image format is JPEG
• Image resolution is 1280 x 960

Shirt Button SpyCam
Shirt Button SpyCam

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