Saturn Air Humidifier

Saturn Air Humidifier

You can gaze into the incredibly detailed 3D planet landscape at your home quickly. The rechargeable and portable Saturn Air Humidifier lets you relax with a peaceful mind within a short time. The three light modes and two spray modes make a distinctive and functional addition to your home decoration. A humidifier puts moisture into the air. That can be super helpful in winter, when the weather and indoor heating systems can make the air so dry that it drys out your eyes, nose, lips, and skin.The wooden pedestal base provides tri-point support for maximum visibility and light flow. 


LED light source included
• Ultrasonic sterilization function
• Size:
13.8 X 13.8 X 10.5 cm / 5.4 X 5.4 X 4.1 in
• Timer function
• Automatic power-off in case of water shortage
Easy to install, just plug the USB cable into the power supply & the battery is not needed
• Fantastic decoration for your home & office
• Perfect gift for your loved ones

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