MiniPro™ Camera


“High-quality video captured by the mini camera with a wide-angle. Very easily connected to iPhone to support real-time monitoring. Delighted. ” - Amelia J.

A Tiny Cam with Mighty Surveillance

Do you know that burglars are most attracted to homes without a security system? Statistics have shown that homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized. It is essential these days to secure your home and peace of mind. You don't have to waste money on expensive security services when you can just do it yourself. Our MiniPro™ Camera is designed to offer mighty surveillance at only a fraction of the price.

"Video quality is excellent value. The connection to a network is fast and intuitive. Night mode works great. The picture is clear even at night" - Isabella G.

Why People Love Our MiniPro™ Camera ?

🛡️ Easy to Install: Simply plug and play and no drilling required.

🛡️ Night Vision: High-quality and clear videos, even at night.

🛡️ Motion Detection: Detect foreign movement and send a notification straight to your mobile !

🛡️ Two-way audio: Communicate with your family through the built-in microphone and speaker.

Smart Security in the Palm of Your Hand 

 Making your home a "smart" one can be as simple as turning an old phone into a security camera when it comes to a home security system. With our smart MiniPro™ Camera, you can have remote and real-time monitoring on your home anytime from anywhere just using your smartphone once the mini camera is plugged into the power and connected to WiFi.

24 X 7 Round-the-Clock Protection 

Unlike other competitors who use low-end 720p resolution for the security camera, our smart MiniPro™ Camera, featuring enhanced video quality with 1080p resolution, advanced night vision, and wide-angle lens technology, delivers a complete and comprehensive surveillance system that covers every angle of your home day and night. This truly offers round-the-clock protection, which gives you peace of mind about your home security.

Simultaneous Remote Monitoring by Multiple Users 

Can two people view or access the camera online at the same time? It largely depends on what brand of security cameras you are using.

We know some users are unhappy with their existing security cameras. One user told us she and her husband couldn't view their camera on their mobile phones simultaneously, and she will be bumped off or kicked out when her husband is viewing the camera feed or vice versa.

However, it's an entirely different case if you are using our smart MiniPro™ Camera. Multiple users could view or live stream camera video on multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops or computers concurrently. Your husband, your wife, your elderly parents can have remote monitoring on your pets or kids simultaneously even though all of you are not at home.

Instantly Turn The Smart Camera Into Intercom

Instant alerts plus motion tracking let you see exactly what’s happening while it’s happening. The two-way talk is a great way to settle down upset kiddos or excited pets — not to mention scaring away would-be burglars.


We Care For Your Family 

We understand that your home security is of utmost importance. Keeping your belongings safe would always be a concern in your mind. This is why we designed the smart MiniPro™ Camera to keep you and your family safe. You can also monitor your sweet home remotely anytime from anywhere via your smartphone. This gives you genuine peace of mind in your busy days while you're away from home for work or on vacation.


Q1. Does this camera support video recording ?

A1. Yes, it supports up to 64G TF card for video recording. The TF card is NOT included in the parcel.

Q2. Can the images and videos captured by this camera store in Cloud apart from local storage (i.e., TF card) ?

A2. Yes, but it is a paid Cloud service and an Internet connection is required.

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