WiFi MiniFlexi™ Magnifier Camera (iOS)

The adjustable lights built into the probe work well. They provide sufficient light for the camera to capture a clear image and video. The ultra-thin camera probe can pass through a small hole for an inspection  !” - René A.

Say Goodbye to High Inspection Cost

Do you find it expensive to be charged $300 bucks for just a visit and inspection work conducted by a repairer ? Or the insufficient torchlight makes it challenging for you to repair the hood of your car or inspect the clogged drain at your home ? We fully understand your pain points. That's why we designed the MiniFlexi™ Magnifier Camera to help you carry out inspection work easily yourself without spending a penny !

"It's very convenient for me to inspect the bugs everywhere, such as inside a wall, underneath the refrigerator/car/bed, down a clogged drain, or behind some heavy furniture, etc." - Brett J.

Why People Love Our MiniFlexi™ Magnifier Camera ?

Thin Diameter: 8.5mm ultra-thin camera probe to pass through a small drain hole or wall crack.

✅Excellent Quality: Show the hidden details clearly in images and videos with adjustable 6 LED lights.

✅Waterproof: Use it in the bathroom/kitchen.

✅Recording: Support image and video recording.

✅Versatile: Carry out inspection work effortlessly for cars, ducts, systems, walls, and difficult to reach area or corner at home.

Good Quality of Images and Videos

Unlike our competitors, which provide poor quality of 1MP image and 640 x 480 video, our MiniFlexi™ Magnifier Camera features a high video resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a photo of 2MP pixel with quality at least two times better than our competitors' products. Our MiniFlexi™ Magnifier Camera produces clear images and videos even though it is dark in the ducts, internal parts of the hardware, equipment, system, wall, car, etc., thanks to the six built-in LED lights that shine brightly on the objects.

Multiple Viewing Modes

With an 8.5mm ultra-thin camera probe, our MiniFlexi™ Magnifier Camera enables users to maneuver the narrow camera probe into tight spaces to deliver vivid and sharp videos and images. To make inspection work easy, you can use three viewing modes (i.e., dual camera, front camera, and side camera) to check all the details from different angles, and you won't miss any of them.


Our waterproof MiniFlexi™ Magnifier Camera allows you to inspect the problems in humid environments such as water tanks, water pipes, etc. You can clean it with water or wipe it with alcohol. It can keep the camera probe clean and clear.

Upgraded Snake Cable 

With a unique design of the semi-rigid cable, you can bend and make it stand firmly to access hard-to-reach areas to facilitate your inspection, such as curved holes or pipes, air conditioners, or even top of wardrobes, etc.

Useful Attachments

Sometimes, you may drop your ring down a drain or car key in a sewer prank. Different attachments (i.e., a magnet and a hook) are available for our MiniFlexi™ Magnifier Camera. You can make use of them to get back your ring or key effortlessly.

Wide Compatibility

You may have more than one smartphone of various brands. For smooth and wide integration with iOS and Android phones, iPads / tablets, Mac / Windows laptops, our MiniFlexi™ Magnifier Camera allows any phones to connect to it via WiFi without any hassle for using multiple adaptors. You and your family members can share use this camera even though you all use different devices.

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