Mini WiFi SpyCam

Tiny But Mighty WiFi SpyCam

See the world from a whole new angle with the Mini WiFi SpyCam ! Shaped like a cute rounded cube, it's small enough to perch unnoticed while capturing all the action. With its wide-angle lens, this mighty mini captures every detail in crystal clear 1080p video. Day or night, it records in full color with infrared night vision. Motion activated sensors prompt it to start recording so you don't miss a thing. The Mini WiFi SpyCam connects directly to your phone so you can check in from anywhere. Now, you can monitor your home like James Bond with your spying hidden camera !

A mini infrared camera for home surveillance.


• Material: Aluminium alloy
• Recording video format: AVI
• Resolution: 1920x1080P
• Wide-angle160 degrees
• Support TF Card 8GB-128GB
• Support Android and iOS
• Loop recording overrides the old videos if TF Card is full
• Size: 3.8x3x2cm

An image of a living room captured by a WiFi SpyCam for home monitoring t hat supports night vision.

Home security tips for James Bond-inspired Mini WiFi SpyCam users, including motion detection and screenshots.A person with a smartphone to connect to the Mini WiFi SpyCam.A smartphone connected to a mini WiFi SpyCam feature to have real time monitoring and wide angle 160 degree.

1080p home MonitorA smartphone video of a child painting a wall while being monitored with WiFi SpyCam.A woman is using a Mini WiFi SpyCam to monitor her home using her smartphone.

A clear listening voice and audio can be recorded by a WiFi SpyCam.
A Mini WiFi SpyCam for home monitoring that can be used to watch the house and connect to a smartphone via USB interface.
Ai human form recognition to monitor home activities and alert real people via smartphone to call the police.
A smartphone connects with WiFi camera, perfect for home monitoring.
Support 128g tf card for home monitoring.
A loop video camera that can monitor home activities and be controlled through a smartphone.

Tf card slot for Mini WiFi SpyCam home monitoring.

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