Sevích™ Hair Kit

The hair is there at once after I put fiber granules on my head. I feel more confident now when I go out to meet my girlfriend and friends.” - Juan Z.

Say Goodbye to Hair Loss

Do your family members or friends tell you that you have bald spots on the back of your head ? Have you tried many ways to grow your hair but not successful ?  We fully understand your pain points. That's why we designed the Sevích™ Hair Kit to regain your hair in 30 seconds and restore your confidence immediately !

"It's very convenient to use, and the hair fiber granule still on my head for the day long! My sweetheart is happy with this magic fiber and my hairstyle !" - Chloe J.

Why People Love Our Sevích™ Hair Kit ?

Easy to Use: You can put the fiber on your head yourself.

✅Effective: Regain your lost hair in 30 seconds.

✅Natural: Safe and suitable for the allergic scalp.

✅Stay in Shape: It is rain, sweat, and wind-resistant.

Regain Your Lost Hair Instantly

According to a survey by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, approximately 35 million men and 21 million women in the United States suffer different hair loss types respectively. Over 1 in 5 Americans are losing their hair, with men representing a higher percentage of hair loss victims. Are you too busy every day and no time to take care of hair loss ? With our Sevích™ Hair Kit, you can regain your lost hair in 30 seconds. Simply pour the 100% natural dye powder on any bald spots of your scalp and spray to set your hairstyle ! Super easy to use, and make your head full of hair effortlessly within a short time !

100% Natural

The main ingredient of our Sevích™ Hair Kit is Gossypium plant fiber, which is 100% natural keratin and iron-based colorants. It contains no chemicals and can be used on all skin types, including the allergic scalp. It is super safe to use our Sevích™ Hair Kit and will not cause any irritation to your sensitive scalp

Mix With Normal Hair

Even under ultra bright stage lights and cameras, our hair powder is totally undetectable. No one will know you are using hair powder unless you tell them. You now look happier and smile every day. Most importantly, you have restored your confidence because others like your appearance, in particular for your attractive and stylish hair.

Your Hairstyle Lasts All Day

Once you apply the 100% natural dye powder to your scalp, it will last all day & night, and it is easy to remove them with shampoo. It also resists rain, sweat, and wind so that you don't need to worry about if the hair powder will fall off when you stay outdoors for exercise, be it a hot or windy day or whatever you do and wherever you go. This truly gives you peace of mind to focus on what you are doing without side-tracking your hair issues.

Hair Salon Experience At Home

Our Sevích™ Hair Kit, which includes 100% natural dye powder and a spray bottle, saves yourself a trip to the hair salon and dermatologist's office for expensive hair loss treatment.

We designed this Sevích™ Hair Kit to create a convenient, comfortable, and affordable hair salon experience even when you stay at home. We genuinely believe your friends and family will love our Sevích™ Hair Kit for improved hairstyle as much as you do.

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