GasGuard™ Detector

Say Goodbye to Gas Explosion

Do you know gas explosions are one of the most common causes of household fires and related deaths in the United States? That is why we designed GasGuard™ Detector to help you detect the gas leak so that you can take remedial action to safeguard your whole family.

Real-Time Monitoring & Alert

The All-In-One GasGuard™ Detector can detect major deadly gases, namely Natural gas (methane, butane, ethane, LNG, etc.) and Propane (liquefied petroleum gas or LPG). After our GasGuard™ Detector is connected to your WiFi network, you can immediately receive an alert on your mobile if the GasGuard™ Detector identifies any gas leak source at your home even you are away ! It gives you peace of mind because your family members are well protected.

Flexible Installation

With an extra-long 6-foot power cord, Our GasGuard™ Detector allows you to install it in the exact ideal location in your house to detect an abnormal gas leakage. You can install it anywhere you like.

Maximum Precision & Accuracy

The GasGuard™ Detector has an LCD screen that displays real-time, precise gas percentage readings so that you know the exact gas concentration in the air of your home at all times. Once the gas leak is detected, the GasGuard™ Detector will release an alarming sound that will draw your attention.

Stylish Design

This newly released natural gas alarm is modern and sleek. It comes with a large blue LCD screen that will complement the style of your home without detracting from your interior design.

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