Foldable Electric Scooter for Kids

Flashing Electric Scooter Beyond Imagination

The scooter is great for kids aged 6-12. It is portable and easy to fold up, the battery life is long, and your kids are sure to love the ambient lighting on the deck. It's quiet and smooth, and the lights are cool too. This fun scooter isn't overpowering and safe for small children. The motor provides just enough boost to make it fun and let the child keep control. The scooter is of great style, unbelievably lightweight (feels like a non-electric scooter when carrying), tiny when folds up, and the side lighting is very appealing to kids. Perfect gift for your son and daughter ! Fast delivery to USA in 5-10 business days by UPS or FedEx.

A blue Foldable Electric Scooter, perfect gift for kids.
A pink Foldable Electric Scooter, perfect gift for kids.
Two children's scooters, perfect gift for kids.
A kid is riding an electric scooter.Two kids riding on an electric scooter in a park.
A boy riding a blue scooter, the perfect gift for kids.
A kids' electric scooter perfect as a gift
Foldable electric scooter with adjustable height.
Four different pictures of an electric scooter, perfect for kids as a gift.
A foldable electric scooter with an adjustable speed digital display.
Two portable scooters with colorful rainbow designs, perfect as a gift.
A portable blue and pink scooter with flashing light measurements.

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