FireBeam™ Gaming Lights




“The lights brighten up my video game room immediately ! Colors are vibrant and a variety of colors to choose from. Looks Cool !” - Olivia C.

Take Your Game To The Next Level

Your gaming experience doesn’t have to stay the same every day ! Add a ton of personality to your gaming room with our FireBeam™ Gaming Lights, which instantly turn your dull game room into a "smart" one !


"I bought them as a gift for my sister that is a gamer and they are an incredible asset to her gaming setup. Easy to install, adhesive firmly to her gaming desk, customizable colors, and they are very vivid." - Ruben S.

Why Gaming Enthusiasts Love Our LED Strip ?

Durability: Average lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, meaning you save time with fewer replacements and lower maintenance costs.

Dynamic: You have the choice of 16 million bright colors to create a bright atmosphere in your awesome game room.

3M Adhesive Design: The strip light can easily stick on any dry and flat surface, such as ultrawide monitors and gaming desks.

✅Voice Control: No need to pause your game. Control the lighting by seamlessly integrating the smart LED strips with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant (e.g. "Alexa, dim my lights to 50 percent !") without having to get up from your position.


Control The Light With Just Your Voice

Our smart gaming lights are compatible with Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling you to control your light with your voice. This gives you true hands-off freedom to focus on what you need to do without having to get up from your position. You can focus on your games and control the brightness of your game room with just your voice. No need to pause your game anymore !

Level Up Your Gaming Setup

Gaming enthusiasts have been turning to LED light strips to create their smart battle stations. They add some personality to their setup and create a unique ambience to the game room. When paired with the best gaming gear and ultrawide monitors, these smart LED light strips make the gaming experience more immersive than ever !

Reducing Eye Strain

A dark game room can cause severe stress to your eyes. The soft backlights emitted by smart lights prevent glare, allowing you to enjoy your game without any pain.

Best for Gaming Accessories

Building your gaming setup doesn't end with your workstations or monitors. Adding a backlight to your gaming desk and gear can dramatically make your smart game room look super cool and elevate your space to new heights ! Light up the lives of your fellow gaming enthusiasts day and night ! We know gaming is an important part of life for gaming enthusiasts, and this is why our smart gaming light is born to make them enjoy immersive, action-packed games while playing online with others.


⚠️ The battery is NOT included for WiFi Remote Controller due to the carrier's strengthened security measures.

⚠️ The battery model is CR2025.

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