EcoSave™ Thermostat

“The thermostat has an intuitive user interface. Works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa instantly, and I can control it just with my voice." - Pierre C.

A digital thermostat with an LCD touch screen user interface is shown in a kitchen.


"Anti-scratch, large LCD touch screen display with backlight, easy to read even at night. I can control the temperature on my phone." - Robert R.

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Easily Manage Temperature Anytime From Anywhere 

Turning your home into a smart home is no longer just a dream. With our EcoSave™ Thermostat, you can now convert ordinary temperature control in your home into a "smart" one. All you need to do is connect our smart thermostat to WiFi and enjoy the ease of controlling them from the palm of your hand on your smartphone. Whether you're looking to turn the thermostat on or off or adjust the temperature for your kids and elderly parents as well as your lovely pets while you're away from home, our smart thermostat gives you that convenience you desire.

A man on the street using a phone to remote control an EcoSave thermostat's settings.

Temperature Control Has Never Been So Easy

Our programmable EcoSave™ Thermostat helps you maintain the perfect, consistent temperature throughout your home. During the frosty cold of the winter, your underfloor heating system can stay steady as it follows your programmed temperature schedule.

Weekly program mode can be set via the mobile app for an EcoSave thermostat.

Say Goodbye To Your High Utility Bills

Can smart thermostats save you money ? Yes, they can — but how much and how quickly depends on your habits. Constantly raising or lowering the temperature throughout the day or forgetting to set it to the proper temperature can actually cost you more over time. With our EcoSave™ Thermostat, you can set the temperature preferences over time and customize your heating and cooling schedule that you desire. You can also set auto mode with built-in intelligent temperature control, enabling the smart thermostat to adjust the optimum temperature. This gives you peace of mind and saves thousands of dollars on utilities throughout a year !

Save electricity bill if using environmental friendly EcoSave thermostat.

Control The Thermostat With Your Voice 

 Our EcoSave™ Thermostat is compatible with Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling you to control your thermostat with your voice. Whether you're looking to set the temperature of your room or turn on the thermostat from your bedroom while you're still snuggling in bed, our smart thermostat gives you that convenience you desire.This gives you true hands-off freedom to focus on what you need to do without having to get up from your position.

Voice control function to set the EcoSave thermostat in the bedroom to 16 degrees.

Why People Love Our Smart Thermostat ?

Remote Control: Adjust your home’s temperature anytime from anywhere on your smartphone.

Energy Saving: Reduce wasted energy in your home and you could save up to 23% annually on your heating or cooling costs.

Voice Control: Integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Yandex Alice (e.g., Alexa, set the bedroom to 16 degrees).

Fit Your Life: Best for individuals or families with hectic schedules. With 7-day flexible scheduling, you can program your thermostat for the week ahead.

Underfloor heating system with EcoSave thermostat and Google Home integration.

Prevent Accidental Changes With Lock Features 

 Do you have a child who loves to play with anything that has buttons ? Like the television, the remote control, or your thermostat ? Our EcoSave™ Thermostat comes with the new lock feature - keypad lockout - which provides an easy way to prevent accidental setting changes. It's easy to lock your smart thermostat, either from the device itself or via the mobile app.

Child lock prevent children from entering the room by mistake, with an intuitive user interface.

Safe to use an EcoSave thermostat for a family with children playing in the living room.A digital thermometer with Apple iOS, Android app, Amazon Alexa and Google Home support.

A smart thermostat with voice control and remote control, compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Electric Floor Heating (16A)

An electric floor heating thermostat with a smart phone and EcoSave thermostat.

Water Heating System (3A)

An EcoSave thermostat is connected to a water heating system.

Water / Gas Boiler (3A)

An EcoSave thermostat is connected to a water/gas boiler.


Q1. What kind of systems can work with this thermostat ?

A1. This thermostat works with electric floor heating (16A), water heating (3A), and gas/water boiler (3A).

Q2. How to install this thermostat ?
A2. There is no need to connect this thermostat to a socket. It only needs to connect to the live wire and the neutral wire, and one can use it in any country because it supports AC 100-250V 50/60Hz.

Q3. Does this thermostat come with an external sensor ?
A3. Only the thermostat for electric floor heating comes with an external sensor. For water heating and gas/water boiler, an external sensor is NOT included in the package.

Q4. What other components are required for the installation of this thermostat ?
A4. This thermostat requires wiring, and you need to have DIY tools to install it. You may also need a mounting box (86mm X 86mm / 3.39" X 3.39"), which is NOT included in the package.

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