Decorative Display SpyCam

This Is Not An Ordinary Jar !

We have designed another SpyCam just for our many James Bond fans. This one comes with a hidden camera disguised as an ordinary and decorative display, making it difficult for others to find. It is, however, not an ordinary jar or bottle or display. Instead, it has an intelligent camera that captures the image and video whenever motion is detected. You can monitor your home, office, nanny, children, the elderly, or even your pets from anywhere using your smartphone while you're away from home.

Jar bottle spy camera Wifi IP 1080P accessible from his phone


 Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android Phones
Resolution: 1080P
Charge the jar via a USB cable & the battery is not needed
• Built-in microphone to synchronize the recording of both audio and video
Non-stop recording & override the first video automatically when the memory storage is full
• Support multiple users who can connect to the same camera simultaneously for real-time monitoring
A real-time alert will be sent to your mobile automatically when the thief breaks into your home, thanks to the motion detection algorithm of the camera
spy camera
hidden camera
hidden cameras for home

spy camera wifi hidden
spy camera wifi hidden

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