DashBot™ Label Printer

Say Goodbye to Ugly Labeling Using Handwriting

It is easy to connect your phone or tablet through our app in less than a minute and start designing and printing labels. Its rechargeable design lets you have 4 hours of continuous printing without purchasing extra batteries.

With its small size that makes it easy to carry, you can make your label anytime and anywhere. It is suitable for home, office, business, school, etc. It would help if you started to make your life and work more orderly.

DashBot™ Label Printer

DashBot™ Label Printer

Direct Thermal Technology & No Link Needed

Our DashBot™ Label Printer uses direct thermal technology to print labels. Expensive inkjet cartridges are not necessary. It eliminates the cost of replacing them with each print job. It is suitable for both home and professional use.

DashBot™ is fast, lightweight, and portable. You can save money and time in your retail business and print labels faster.

DashBot™ Label Printer

Prints Labels in Seconds with Smartphone

The DashBot™ connects directly to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® and prints labels in seconds. Our app is completely free and available for both iOS and Android. It is time for you to design using our innovative app with icons, letters, and quantities of elements to facilitate and make label printing fun.

 DashBot™ Label Printer

Print Customised Labels Anywhere

The DashBot™ printer was designed to label anything, not just labels for jars, canisters, and documents, but also cable labels to help you identify your messy cables in your rooms, computer cases, equipment, etc.

The DashBot's compact design and functional features make this an ideal solution when you need to print a small number of labels.

Our labels are water-proof, oil-proof, scratch-proof, and tear-proof.

The DashBot™ allows users to print on virtually any surface: from plastic and glass materials to paper, cardboard, wood, metal, and non-porous plastics.

DashBot™ Label Printer


Connection between mobile & app is via Bluetooth
Weight is 600 g
• Dimension
is 11 x 8 x 3 cm
Print speed is 20 ppm
• Perfect gift for your loved ones

DashBot™ Label Printer

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