SmartAnti™ Slip Carpet Sticker

My active cat runs as crazy at home and carpet folds, so I bought anti-slip and now my carpet always flawless !” - Julie K.

Say Goodbye to Slippery/Curling Carpet

Do you find your carpet is always curling up when you, your children, or your pets walk on it ? What if there is a simple trick to fix your mat on the floor ? This is why we designed the SmartAnti™ Slip Carpet Sticker to help you resolve the problem effortlessly !

"Just stick the pads under the carpet, and it is not slippery anymore ! - Catherine A.

Why People Love Our SmartAnti™ Slip Carpet Sticker ?

Easy To Use: It is simple and convenient to use it. Take off the white paper from the sticker and paste it on the back of the carpet. Clean the carpet to remove the dust if needed.

✅Versatile: Suitable for most types of floor, including tiles, hardwood, laminate, stairs, marble, concrete, rubber, etc.

✅Waterproof: Clean it with water easily.

✅Good Quality: Designed with advanced non-slip and anti curling technology that keeps the rugs in place and avoids slips. Never worry about the carpet being messed up by pets.

✅Customised: You can cut into any shape to meet your need.

✅Effective: Suitable if you have dogs, cats, babies who fold or curl up the carpet easily.

anti-slip carpet sticker


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