Carbon Dioxide Detector

Monitor CO2 Level Effortlessly !

Do you know poor ventilation can result in lower oxygen levels and carbon dioxide (CO2) build-up ? Even moderate levels of CO2 can harm our health and productivity. When the CO2 level reaches 1,000 parts per million (ppm), people begin to experience drowsiness and have difficulty concentrating.  That is why we designed the Smart CO2 Detector to help you monitor the level of CO2 in your space without any hassle.


Precise Readings in Large LCD Panel

With the large and clear LCD panel of our CO2 Detector, you can see readings of temperature and humidity apart from various alert colors to check air quality in your space:
Green: 0-799 parts per million (ppm), the CO2 level is low
Yellow: 800-1199 ppm, the CO2 level is medium
Orange: 1200-1599 ppm, the CO2 level is high
Red: 1600-1999 ppm, the CO2 level is very severe, and you need to improve air quality. If 2000 ppm or above, four colors flash at the same time. 

Please be reminded that the CO2 level of the air is not fixed data. It's changing in a range at any time, so the reading in the display can be fluctuating.

Fast & Accurate CO2 Level Detection

The built-in Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) can detect the accurate level of CO2 quickly. The rear ventilation holes can accelerate the convection between the air and our CO2 Detector to get adequate exposure to the level of CO2 in your space and provide a good heat dissipation effect to avoid overheating.

Widely Used In Different Places

Our smart CO2 Detector does not need to be calibrated, you can use it after power-on, and it can trace any carbon dioxide level and alert you. It also supports backlight, and you can see the readings clearly even at night. It is commonly used in households, greenhouse agricultural production, warehouses, laboratories, etc.

Fast Charging with USB Cable

Once the CO2 Detector is fully charged, you can use it for 8-10 hours, thanks to the large capacity battery with 1200mAh. The box includes a USB cable for you to recharge the CO2 Detector quickly.


• Two colors are available, black or white
CO2 measurement range: 400-5000ppm
• Applicable temperature: 1-70℃
Easy to install, just plug the cable into the power supply & the battery is not needed
• Humidity measurement range: 0%-99%RH
• Battery capacity: 1200mAh, with a power display
• Charging interface: TYPE-C 5V
• Battery capacity: 1200mAh, with a power display

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