AutoLight™ for Toilet Seat

“The light is switched on automatically when we get up at night to use the bathroom! We can decorate the room with colors ! It’s worth every penny! ” - Mya C.

Forget About Fumbling For Your Light Switch

Do you find yourself waking up at night and need to get out of bed to pee in your bathroom? Have you ever feared that your elderly parents would fall and slip in the bathroom just because they couldn't see in the dark? That's why we designed the AutoLight™ for Toilet Seat to detect any human motion/movement and let the light of the toilet seat turn on automatically when you step into the bathroom at night !

"The light sensor is very sensitive. When we step into the bathroom and go straight to the toilet at night, the light is turned on immediately." - Sharon M.

Why Homeowners Love Our Smart Toilet Light ?

Energy-efficient: Our lights only glow when one steps into the bathroom at night and remain off in daylight, therefore reducing your energy bill by up to 30%.

Easy To Install: You can bend thetoilet light's flexible arm to fit on any size of the toilet bowl. No drilling is needed.

✅Dynamic: Eight colors are available, and you can change color to decorate your bathroom effortlessly.

✅Motion Detection: The built-in sensor can detect any human movement sensitively and turn on the light at once.

✅Waterproof: Splashing water out during flushing has no impact on the device, and it keeps functioning well.

Intelligent Sensor To Save Your Energy Bills

You don't need to bother when to turn on or off the light in the bathroom if you use our AutoLight™ for Toilet Seat, especially when you wake up at midnight and go to the loo with your sleepy eyes. The built-in smart sensor can detect if your kids and your elderly parents step into the bathroom and turn on the light automatically to prevent them from tumbling or slipping in the bathroom.  When they leave, it automatically turns off to save power. Not only can you cut your energy bills by 30%, but it also gives you true peace of mind in managing your lights at home !

Fit for Your Children 

Did any of your kids have a nightmare at night and being scared to go in the dark and had to wake you up as their parents ? Or perhaps you are trying to potty train your little ones and need extra help to do so ? The colorful bowl will help you out to encourage children to do their business like adults ! The toilet light will glow automatically when your kids enter the bathroom. It will turn off when they leave. You can continue to sleep as your kids won't wake you up anymore to manually switch on the light for them during the night.

Easily Change The Toilet Lights

With our AutoLight™ for Toilet Seat, you can easily change your bathroom's mood by displaying different light colors randomly once it detects someone steps into the bathroom at night. If you like the particular color, you can also set the color preference by simply pressing the device's button. It is super simple and easy to change the color and create the atmosphere you desire !

Waterproof & Durable 

Our toilet light's average lifespan is more than 50,000 hours, meaning you save time with fewer replacements and lower maintenance costs. We know the bathroom is wet and moist, and even water will splash out when you flush the toilet. That's why we designed the waterproof AutoLight™ for Toilet Seat, which can still function properly in a highly humid environment.

A Perfect Gift For Your Loved Ones

You can decorate your bathroom with our portable smart toilet lights easily ! Super easy to configure the color mode by just pressing a button. Imagine how excited your sons, daughters, elderly parents are when they find this little device can automatically turn on the light in the dark and instantly change their bathrooms' mood. We truly believe your friends and family will love our smart toilet lights as much as you do.

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