Anti-Spy Detector

Anti-Spy Detector - Detect Spy Cams and Listening Devices

Unleash the power of military-grade technology right at your fingertips with our latest Anti-Spy Detector ! It can alert you when it detects hidden cameras anywhere. The dimensions are 10.8cm x 2.4cm x 1.5cm, making it incredibly portable and ready to accompany you wherever you go. This anti-spy cam detector boasts a strong battery capacity of 3.7V/400mA and can continuously work for 25 hours. The Type-C charging interface lets you have fast and easy charging.

A anti spy detector with a blue light on it.
A discreet anti-spy detector with a box in front, perfect for detecting spy cameras and other discreet surveillance devices.

Why Choose Our Anti-Spy Detector ?

  • Versatility: Our detector can identify eavesdropping devices, car trackers, mobile phone undercover software, wireless pinhole cameras, surveillance cameras, casino fraud equipment, and more !

  • Efficiency: With a signal detection range of 8 meters and an effective scanning distance of 10 meters, no intrusive signals can escape its detection.

  • Adjustability: It features 5 levels of adjustable sensitivity, ensuring you find the right balance to avoid false alarms.

  • Protection: Protect yourself from harmful electromagnetic wave radiation with our detector.

Whether you're a frequent traveler staying in hotels, a business professional safeguarding secrets, or a lover of privacy, our detector is your perfect ally. It lets you easily remove all the spying cameras.


A person discreetly holding an intelligent detector in a living room.
A discreet surveillance device for detecting spy cameras in cars.
A discreet surveillance device capable of detecting lasers.
New upgraded anti-theft smart detector with vibration signal detection and discreet camera detection.
A diagram showing the different parts of a trese style flashlight with an anti-spy detector.

Specification of Anti-Spy Detector

• Material: PC

• Battery capacity: 3.7V/400mA

• Charging interface: Type-C

• Input voltage: DC5V/1A

• Continuous work: about 25 hours

• Antenna gain: -56db

• Sensitivity: 5 levels adjustable

• Receiving frequency range: 1MHz-6.5GHz

• Signal detection range: about 8 meters

• Effective scanning distance: about 10 meters

• Functions: infrared detection, wireless signal detection, strong magnetic detection, lighting (find light), sound/vibration reminder

• Size: 10.8cm x 2.4cm x 1.5cm

An anti-spy detector installed discreetly in a car, capable of detecting spy cameras and other discreet surveillance devices.

Scope of Application

• Detect if your car or office is installed with wireless eavesdroppers, wireless eavesdroppers.

• Detect whether the mobile phone is eavesdropped or abnormal, and transmit signals to the outside for no reason when in standby.

• Detect if your car is installed with GPS tracker, GPS location tracker.

• Detect if your working environment and residential buildings have roof base station radiation.

• Detect mobile phone SMS sending and receiving signals, mobile Internet access signals, mobile phone switches and call signals.

• Detect the field strength of wireless network signals, mobile phone base station signals, and wireless surveillance systems.

• Detect whether household appliances such as microwave ovens leak electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to the human body.

• Detect if there is strong radiation called "mobile phone killer" in the environment.

• Detect suspicious radio signals in your environment.

• Detect more hidden 5.8 GHz wireless camera, wireless eavesdropper, wireless monitoring signal.

• Check wireless pinhole cameras in hotels, restrooms, guesthouses, entertainment venues, locker rooms.

• Business negotiations, school invigilation sites, factories, military facilities or government agencies to prevent candid photography and eavesdropping.

• Protect against wireless candid photography at ATM machine withdrawals, cinemas, concerts, art galleries or museums.

• When buying a building, first detect whether there is electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to human health.

An anti-spy detector is small size as a pen

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Why is the silent sleep tracker not detected ?

Answer: The commonly used sleep locator works several times a day, and only works for 5-7 minutes at a time. Therefore, when detecting wireless signals, the locator does not work and does not send signals. It is recommended to detect in multiple time periods.

Question 2: Why is the position of the real-time locator not accurately detected ?

Answer: The real-time locator generally sends a signal about 10 seconds. Please do not move back and forth during detection. It is best to fix it in one position for more than 5 minutes, and then continue to detect in another position.

Question 3: Why does the detector terminal beep "DiDi" ?

Answer: Please observe the surrounding environment to see if there are too many sources of interference signals. It is recommended to lower the detection sensitivity by one gear.

Question 4: Why do the detectors near the windows of the house make such a loud noise ?

Answer: The window is made of aluminum alloy, which forms a loop antenna, and the signal reception is particularly good.

Question 5: Why is the camera not detected ?

Answer: It is possible that the camera is not working or wired, and it is more accurate to use infrared light to detect.

A anti-spy detector with a red infrared light on it.Six stage signal strength adjustment for detecting and countering surveillance devices such as spy cameras with the help of an anti-spy detector.A diagram displaying discreet product parameters for anti-spy surveillance devices.

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