Wireless Security Camera System

4 Cameras
6 Cameras
8 Cameras
Build-in Hard Disk

Secure Your Space with Our HD Wireless Security Camera System

Discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with our Wireless Security Camera System. With high-definition video captured, this camera system ensures every detail is crystal-clear with 1080p resolution. Never miss a moment with vivid imagery, day or night. This camera system features advanced night vision capability to ensure the captured video is still clear even in the dark with almost no light. The motion detection alerts will be sent to your smartphone and keep you informed wherever you are. You can view live footage from your cameras anywhere, anytime, thanks to remote access. Setting up the Wireless Security Camera System is a breeze. The wireless design means no messy cables, allowing for easy placement anywhere within your Wi-Fi range. It is also user-friendly and easy to set up and control via our dedicated app. The monitoring is round-the-clock with high-definition video and instant alerts, thanks to the large built-in 1TB hard disk that can record videos for a long time.

A wireless security camera system features an 8-channel, 3mp pan and tilt camera system with multiple cameras arrayed and one camera demonstrated on a wooden surface.

Two children playing with a dog in a sunny backyard, monitored by a wireless security camera system with real-time motion alerts; a modern house is in the background.
Split-screen image showing a house's exterior with a wireless security camera system's color night vision on the left and its black and white mode on the right.
A wireless security camera system featuring 355° pan and 140° tilt capabilities, displayed next to a smartphone showing a live feed of a woman walking outside a house.
Security system showcases a wireless security camera system with AI motion detection: a camera on a house facade, mobile app interface, and detected human figures highlighted on the screen.
A wireless security camera system activating a spotlight and siren as a masked intruder approaches a house at night.
A man communicates with a homeowner using a wireless security camera system, shown through a phone app interface and device icons.
A security camera mounted on a wall in the rain, showcasing its IP66 weather resistance feature with real-time motion alerts.
Surveillance camera with dual antennas mounted on a gray wall, featuring infrared night vision capabilities and real-time motion alerts.
A zosi Wireless Security Camera System on a wooden table, displaying a blue cloud icon with arrows pointing up and down, beside a small green plant.
Comparison of h.264 and h.265+ video codecs showing h.265+ requiring 50% less storage, depicted with smaller stack of blue discs in a Wireless Security Camera System setup.
Illustration of a Wireless Security Camera System with coverage in various settings including a home, office, and warehouse, highlighting features like built-in 1tb hdd, support for up to 8 cameras
Graphic displaying various security devices: two white wireless security cameras labeled zg2323m and zg3022m with night vision, a black router with antennas tagged zg3022m, and a white sensor
Graphic showing multiple recording modes for a wireless security camera system, with icons for manual, timing, motion detection, and humanoid detection recording, and examples displayed on a TV screen.Security camera with night vision, spotlight, and speaker, and a DVR unit with multiple connectivity ports and antennas, all labeled with their features.An infographic listing package contents for a Wireless Security Camera System, including a wifi nvr, pt camera with night vision, various mounts, power adapters, usb mouse, screws, ethernet cable, hdmi

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