Outdoor Security Surveillance System

Professional Grade Surveillance on Your Home & Garden

Get ready to elevate your home security to the next level with the Outdoor Security Surveillance System ! The contemporary style includes an 5.0MP / 8.0MP Ultra High Definition for crystal-clear imaging, ensuring that every detail is captured with precision.

Outdoor Security Surveillance System with AI detection for recording video over long distances.

Ultra-High Definition & AI Human Detection

With 4K 8MP clarity, you're guaranteed four times the resolution of 1080P. Experience vibrant color and exceptional contrast, particularly in low-light conditions, as your world is beautifully captured.  Say goodbye to false alarms with AI technology that accurately identifies humans and vehicles, sending smart alerts only when it matters.

An AI detection system captures a video of a man and a child playing with flowers in an outdoor setting.
An image of a man and a car with AI detection, showcasing the security surveillance system in action with detect out alerts now.
Upgrade your outdoor security surveillance system with advanced AI detection capabilities for crisp 4K HDR video quality.

Four Night Vision Modes

1. Starlight night vision - Enhance visibility in extremely low light conditions using an advanced starlight sensor to capture more light and reveal detailed images.

2. Smart night vision device - Automatically switch to full-color night vision when detecting movement, ensuring clear and detailed footage.

3. Full color night vision - Experience night vision in full color, providing enhanced clarity and visibility in low light environments.

4. Black and white night vision

A series of images showcasing different types of outdoor lighting, including outdoor security surveillance systems with AI detection.Experience cinema like visual in widescreen aspect ratio with good-quality video.

Plug-and-Play PoE System

Setup is a breeze with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. The same cable provides power and transmits video and audio to ensure a stable and secure connection. PoE is the perfection solution as it is fully digital to ensure 100% preservation of video quality during long distance transmission. Video feeds are encrypted prior to transmission, enhancing the difficulty of data interception and providing secure transmission.

A picture of a house equipped with an Outdoor Security Surveillance System, including a CCTV camera for AI detection.
Up to 100m ethernet and pci-e connectivity for an Outdoor Security Surveillance System in a warehouse, ensuring AI detection and delivering good-quality video.

Smart Light & Siren Alarm

This camera isn't just for recording; it's prepared to deter potential threats with its integrated smart light and siren alarm system. Moreover, the two-way audio lets you talk to anyone at your doorstep via the built-in speaker while you are away from home. With a built-in 4TB hard drive, you'll have reliable, round-the-clock recording without worrying about storage space.

A person is utilizing a phone equipped with an AI detection feature to observe their outdoor surroundings as part of a security surveillance system.

A man is holding a package in front of a fence while being captured by an outdoor security surveillance system.

A photo of a house equipped with a security surveillance system featuring AI detection capabilities.

Maximize Hard Drive Capacity

By utilizing H.265+ coding, video file sizes are compressed without compromising quality. This saves significant storage space and allows for extended recording time and improved viewing quality.The video compression in the surveillance system saves hard disk space to record more videos for long hours.

Different Recording Modes

The Outdoor Security Surveillance System provides 4 recording modes to cater to your requirements: Continuous Record; Scheduled Record; Motion Detect Record; Recycle Record. You can customize each camera with various recording modes, enabling efficient hard drive space management.

An Outdoor Security Surveillance System with multiple recording modes on a TV screen, featuring AI detection for good-quality video.

Support Multi-channel simultaneous playback

The security surveillance system provides support for playback of up to 4 cameras simultaneously, with the ability to adjust viewing speed. Options include 1/2x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, and 32x speed playback, allowing customization based on your preferences.

The outdoor security camera system supports multi-channel simultaneous playback.

Waterproof & Easy Remote Access

All cameras in our outdoor security surveillance system are waterproof and still function properly under the adverse weather. You can easily monitor your home, garden, kids, and furry friends using your smartphone app. Embrace peace of mind with our Outdoor Security Surveillance System - it's like having a virtual security guard monitoring your home around the clock ! 

This Ip cctv camera offers good-quality video for both indoor and outdoor use, making it an ideal choice for an outdoor security surveillance system. It also features AI detection capabilities.
The outdoor security camera system features live view anytime & anywhere with AI detection and good-quality video.
Upgrade your outdoor security surveillance system with advanced AI detection features.
The contents of a good-quality video cctv package with AI detection for an Outdoor Security Surveillance System.

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