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Electric Smokeless Grill

Indoor BBQ Anytime

Can you imagine you can have BBQ at your home without any smoke and odor ? With our electric smokeless grill, you can cook the steaks, ribs, and more with peace of mind.

Electric Smokless Grill

Enjoy All-Year-Round BBQ

Our indoor smokeless grill adopts airflow technology with a built-in smoke-capture fan, which quickly reduces 90% of the annoying smoke and odor yet keeps the authentic grilled taste like charcoal grilling.

Electric Smokless Grill

Efficient Heating System

With a double U heating system, the extended heating tube covers the entire cooking area and achieves rapid and consistent heat with 1000W power. The grill also has built-in overheat protection in case you forget to turn it off.

Electric Smokeless Grill

Make 3 Meals With Included Plates

Our non-stick grill makes your BBQ easy. The griddle plate has a spacious cooking surface of 14.0’’ × 7.9’’, which is excellent for multiple grillings like ribs, steaks, and veggies. The griddle plate is perfect for preparing breakfast like bacon, eggs, and pancakes.

Electric Smokeless Grill

Make Cleaning and Storage a Breeze

To make cleaning hassle-free, the bottom of our electric grill plate is a water tray that catches the oil and grease. These removable parts are suitable for hand-washing or dishwashers. The detachable design extensively lessens the load of the cupboard.

Electric Smokeless Grill


  • Weight : 4.2 kg
  • Length : 55 cm
  • Width : 34 cm
  • Height : 28 cm
  • Durable & powerful
  • Overheat protection for safe operation
  • Fast delivery in 2-6 days by UPS within USA

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