Ultimate Tech Gadgets

iSmart Home Gadgets Limited helps people improve their quality of life and bring ultimate convenience by offering a broad spectrum of intelligent tech gadgets, including smart home solutions such as lighting, security, temperature control, sockets, phone charger, pest control, etc.

While you are not at home, you can still control the light or real-time monitor your house via our FireBeam™ Gaming Lights and MiniPro™ Camera. As long as the tech gadgets connect to WiFi and your smartphone connected to the Internet, you can control all appliances through your mobile phone while you are on the street.

With our EasyPNP™ Smart Plug, you can schedule the hidden outlets behind the heavy furniture to switch on or off the appliances (e.g., lamps, chargers) to save the electricity bills. Most smart home gadgets support voice control and fully integrate with Amazon Alexa & Google Home. It allows the elderly to give voice commands to switch on or off appliances (e.g., TV, air-conditioner, fan, etc.) once the home connects with WiFi.

We understand one needs to be healthy, attractive, and energetic to live happily every day. We design a series of health & beauty devices, including a weight scale, spine corrector, skin reliever, massager, hair loss kit, blackhead remover, etc. You can get refreshed and relaxed right after using our lightweight health devices. You look at least ten years younger if you try our skin reliever.

Most importantly, you can take care of yourself without spending a massive amount of money and time visiting physiotherapy. Your back/shoulder pain will be relieved after correcting your poor posture via our innovative spine corrector.

Your family may include your lovely furry friends apart from parents and kids. We provide pet accessories, including dog water bottles, a cat car with the built-in scratch board, a hamster toy set, a universal massager for cat and you! We care for your whole family, from children to the elderly and human to furry friends.