Cat Wine Holder



Cute Cat Wine Rack

We know you are cat lovers and adore their funny actions. You may also invite your friends to your home to enjoy the wine and chat at the weekend. If you are the same as me and want something new for your home decoration, this pretty cat wine holder is for you ! 

Wonderful Art Design

Our designer has included the art element: A lovely cat, a slant head gesture, and tightly wrapped paws – all of this appears to say, "This wine is mine. You can't take it." Isn't it really cute ? It will not peel off paint and will not rust, thanks to the high-quality and environmentally friendly painting method. What a cute and lovely cat !  We are sure your friends will like this cat wine holder as much as you do.


🍷🥂 Good Quality: Metal carved and handmade craftsmanship.

🍷🥂Eco-friendly: Environmental painting technology.


🍷🥂 Durable: It can be used for many years without rust.


🍷🥂 Multi-functional: Perfect for indoor decoration: restaurant, cabinet, bar, kitchen, etc.

🍷🥂 Charming: Lovely, cute, funny and humorous.


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