Green Feather Wall Clock

Illuminated Wall Clock Surrounded by Green Feathers

Welcome to a timeless addition to your home decor – our Green Feather Wall Clock! This stunning piece is not just a timekeeper; it's a statement of style and an ode to minimalist elegance. 🌟

Imagine a clock that does more than just tell the time. Envision a piece of art that elevates the ambiance of any room. Our Green Feather Wall Clock is designed with contemporary Nordic influences, boasting a sleek and modern look that is sure to captivate. 🌿⏰✨

A modern wall clock with a green feather on it.

Shape and Design

Crafted with precision, this clock features an elongated 80x34cm or 100x42cm silhouette that resembles the grace of green feathers. The delicate feather pattern is meticulously painted using high-temperature baking paint, ensuring durability and lasting vibrancy.

Transform your home's ambiance with a modern and serene focal point - the Green Feather Wall Clock.

Style and Elegance

The clock's color palette is a soothing green that brings a touch of nature indoors, harmonizing with your living space. The glass and crystal material adds a luxurious gloss, reflecting light beautifully and creating dynamic shadows that dance across the room.

An upgraded wall clock adorned with a vibrant green leaf.


Enjoy the peace that comes with a silent scanning movement, ensuring no ticking to disturb the tranquility of your space. Perfect for various settings, from your living room and dining area to your bedroom or office, this clock adapts to both formal and casual environments.

Upgrade your space with a modern and serene green feather wall clock.


• Material: Glass & Crystal
• Lighting source is included
• High temperature baking paint
• Small Size: 80cm x 34cm (31.5" x 13.4")
• Large Size: 100cm x 42cm (39.4" x 16.5")

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