MiniClear™ Telescope


“Convenient and compact.  I took to see the views on a walk along the river. The good telescope, see clearly. I am delighted.” - Deborah A.


"Excellent device with high-contrast, and the quality is even better than some binoculars. My children love it very much. Great to keep in your pocket wherever you go." - Annis E.

Easily Carry MiniClear™ Telescope 

Going to the countryside with your friends or family is a relaxing hobby. We know you may bring food and drinks for the picnic, already carrying too many stuff in your backpack. You may want to take a telescope with you to view the beautiful scenery or lovely animals. Even a great telescope can be a hobby killer if it's too difficult to carry. This is why we designed the portable MiniClear™ Telescope to make you find carrying this tiny telescope has never been this easy !

Powerful Zoom From Afar 

Equipped with a powerful zoom of 7 times, getting a quick peek from afar can be achieved with our MiniClear™ Telescope. You can view the stunning scenery and cute animals clearly even from a long distance. This ensures you won't miss any precious moments wherever you go ! The zoom makes it as though the object is just right in front of you !

The Best User Experience 

BAK-4 is a high-density glass of better optical quality than BAK-7. Our competitors often use the less expensive BK-7 prisms with squared-off, non-circular exit pupils when viewing objects through the lens. We understand the image quality is of utmost importance to you. This is why we selected the high-quality BAK-4 as the prism installed in our MiniClear™ Telescope to give you the best user experience.

Versatile & Flexible 

With a lightweight and waterproof design, you can easily carry our MiniClear™ Telescope for all the activities, both indoors and outdoors. It is perfect for bird watching, spectacular scenery, traveling, camping, hunting, concert, etc. Just put the portable telescope in your pocket, and here you go !

Why People Love Our MiniClear™ Telescope ?

✅Portable: It only weighs 56g (0.2lb), and it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Waterproof: Fit for outdoor activities, even on a rainy day.

7X Zoom: See the objects and scenery from a far distance of 1,000m (3,280ft).

✅Versatile: Perfect for bird watching, football matches, camping, hunting, concerts, etc.

Gift: Ideal gift for children to bring out the curiosity and adventure in them.

Perfect Gifts for Your Children 

Our MiniClear™ Telescope provides your child with moments of discovery and bring distant objects that he can see with his naked eye, closer, sparking their curiosity. You can accompany your child to play this single-eye telescope toy to enhance the parent-child relationship.

We Care For Your Family 

We understand that everyone is busy in their lives. That is why the parents will bring the children to the countryside or see a good football match together when they are off from work. Our MiniClear™ Telescope is perfect for all indoor and outdoor activities. You and your children can see clearly the cute animals, breathtaking scenery, and even the most exciting football match you've ever seen from a far distance with our mini telescope.

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