MiniView™ Projector

Bring Your Entertainment to Next Level

Whether you want home entertainment or go camping, you can enjoy the movies on your large home screens or the camping canopy with our MiniView™ Projector. 

This little projector is worth every penny ! I hooked my soundbar up to it, and my firestick; needless to say, my family and I love it! It is small enough to move around with ease. The brightness is perfect.” - Evelyn D.

Go Big Even in Small Spaces

With our MiniView™ Projector, you can get up to 100” of display from just 4m away for a cinematic experience in any space.

Immersive Experience

Every character, scenery, object, and more appear to you as if you are on the spot ! You save time and money without visiting the cinema theater for a similar viewing experience.

All-in-one App

Goodbye to cable clutter and external devices. The built-in app center brings all your entertainment together in one place. Download media apps via WiFi and see your favorite content directly from the projector. 

Lightweight Yet Big Experience

We understand you and your family want to watch movies during camping or trip. Thanks to the compact design, you can carry our portable MiniView™ Projector anytime and wherever you go. All movie details can still be projected on the camping canopy clearly through our MiniView™ Projector.


• Available in two different colors (yellow/gray and black/white)
• Maximum resolution is 1920 X 1080

• Contrast is 3000:1
• Built-in speaker
• Input can be AV/USB/HDMI
• Weight is 0.345 kg
• Size is 13 x 13 x 8.5 cm

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