Wireless SmartCharger™ Camera

Hidden Surveillance Camera with Audio !

SmartCharger™ is not an ordinary phone charging device but monitors your home day and night through a discreet camera !


No one knows this smart charger comes with a hidden camera. I bought three Smart Chargers to put in various places around the house. I can see my dog, my cat, and my baby through the mobile. Amazing so far!” - Ellie C.

Hidden Camera

SmartCharger™ offers you an incredible USB charging device that lets you record high-definition videos with premium audio. With our discreet surveillance camera, you can monitor your home from anywhere !

Easy to Use

It is easy for you to plug it into a standard wall outlet with a view of the space you want to keep an eye on, and that's pretty much it. The integrated camera will automatically be ready to record audio and video.

Real-Time Monitoring

Thanks to its high video quality, you can see every detail of your house even you are not at home. As long as the SmartCharger™ is connected to WiFi, you can get a real-time notification on your mobile if there are any suspicious activities.

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