All-In-One Wireless Charger

Say Goodbye to Messy Cables !

Throw away your messy cables ! You can easily charge your iPhone,  AirPods, Apple Watch and even Android phones simultaneously with our smart wireless charger. Our All-In-One Wireless Charger is fully compatible with Apple, Type-C, and Micro interface that you can charge any phone wirelessly.



3 different colors are available (Black, White, and Pink)
• Dimension: 23 x 9 cm / 9 x 3.5 in

Easy to use & fast charging
• Dual USB output to charge iPad, tablet, and other devices at the same time
• Turn off automatically when fully charged
• Fully compatible with all phones, including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.
• Convenient for family members to charge different phone models in one-go
• Perfect gift for your loved ones

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