Novelty3D™ Dog Cushion

Awesome pillow! It is very soft, cozy, and looks like a real dog sitting on the floor. My daughter likes it so much.” - Layla J.

Why People Love Our Novelty3D™ Dog Cushion ?

🐶Comfortable: 100% polyester super-soft fabric.

🐶Versatile: It can be a pillow, cushion, your kid's toy, or home decoration.

🐶Realistic:Looks so real even your dog will think it's real (tried and tested).

A Perfect Gift For Your Loved Ones

 We truly believe your friends, your kids, your family, and even your dogs will love our Novelty3D™ Dog Cushion for fun, comfort, and decoration as much as you do.

Average size is 20 in X 16 in X 6 in /
50 cm X 40 cm X 15 cm

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