Bunny Touch Lamp

Bunny 1 (9.4cm x 20.2cm / 3.7" x 8")
Bunny 2 (11.1cm × 10.1cm / 4.4" x 4.0")
Bunny 3 (11.4cm × 18.1cm / 4.5" x 7.1")

Cute Bunny LED Lamp - Tap On/Off Touch Control

Hop on over to a world of whimsy with this adorable bunny lamp ! Just a tap on the bunny's head turns the LED lights on or off. Choose from over 7 colors your little one likes to set the perfect mood. Not only is it lighting, but this bunny is also a charming accent piece. Place it on a shelf, desk or nightstand to add a whimsical touch. So bring home some lighthearted fun with this Bunny Touch Lamp today !


• Material: ABS, silicone
• LED lighting source
• Rechargeable via USB Type-C cable
• Charging time: about 3 hours
• Lighting time: 9-10 hours

A little girl is holding a Bunny Touch Lamp, a color-changing night light.

A little girl playing with a blue bunny toy that has color-changing LED lights.

An adorable young boy holding a Bunny Touch Lamp, an incredibly creative and cute light up toy in the shape of a bunny.

A little girl is reading a book while looking at a color-changing LED lights rabbit night light.

A woman breastfeeds her baby in bed with a bunny touch lamp emitting color-changing LED lights.

A Bunny Touch Lamp, featuring seven colors and color-changing LED lights, is sitting on a table next to a baby.

A Bunny Touch Lamp, featuring color-changing LED lights and offering seven colors, sits on top of a cozy blanket.

An adorable person holding a Bunny Touch Lamp night light.

An adorable white Bunny Touch Lamp sitting on top of a table.A Bunny Touch Lamp night light with color-changing LED lights illuminates a bed in seven vibrant colors.An adorable pink bunny night light, creatively designed and placed on a bed.A woman and two children looking at an adorable box with a bunny inside.

A child is playing with an adorable bunny touch lamp on a table.An adorable little girl holding a creative bunny night light. An adorable Bunny Touch Lamp on a dresser.A woman with a phone next to an adorable bunny touch lamp.Bunny night light with seven colors, hanging on a clothes hanger.A creative and adorable person holding a Bunny Touch Lamp night light on a bed.

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