Powerful Foldable Electric Scooter

Quick Urban Mobility Solution

The sleek and compact design of our Foldable Electric Scooter makes it incredibly portable and easy to carry. When you're navigating through crowded streets or exploring new places, you can fold up this scooter effortlessly, and it allows you to store it in tight spaces or take it with you on public transportation. With its powerful 800W motor and long-lasting battery, you can cruise at high speeds at 45-50km/h and cover more ground quickly. Say goodbye to traffic jams, expensive parking fees, and long walks – our Foldable Seated Electric Scooter is here to make your daily commute a breeze.

An adults' electric scooter.


• Removable Seat
• Waterproof
• Material: Metal / Aluminum
• Max Mileage: 45-60km
• Max Speed: 45-50km/h
• Max Load: 150kg / 330lbs
• Climbing Angle: 20-30°
• Battery: 48V 15AH
• Charging Time: 5-8hrs
• Motor Power: 800W
• Tire: Front 10", Rear 10"
• Double Disc Brake
• Front & Rear LED with Brake Light
• Double Suspension
• Foldable Size: 17.7"x45.3"
• Riding Size: 47.2"x45.3"

A foldable electric scooter designed for adult commuters.Two adults riding a foldable electric scooter that speeds up to 50km/h.

A foldable electric scooter for daily commuters.
An electric scooter for commuter adults on a road with a vineyard in the background.
Foldable electric scooter designed for adults with a folding headbar and multiple functions, ideal for commuters.An adults' foldable electric scooter with a colorful and bright light.A foldable electric scooter with all-terrain suspension and solid tires, suitable for adults.
Foldable dual brake and dual suspension system electric scooter for adults.
Waterproof Electric Scooter for Adult and TeenDual brake of Safe Electric Scooter for Commuters !
An adult daily commuter riding a foldable electric scooter.A powerful electric scooter in the trunk of a car.A commuter electric scooter with good braking performance.
A foldable and rechargeable electric scooter that is suitable for daily commuters, thanks to the long lasting battery.
A daily commuter woman in a business suit carrying a foldable electric scooter.

Adults using a foldable electric scooter for commuting, stored in the trunk of a car.

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