Dual Monitor Stand

Best Viewing Experience

Many people work from home with a small equipment budget from work rather than requesting gear at home or in the office. Ergonomics are just as important at home as they are in the office. Our dual monitor stand allows you to place your screens as you please for maximum comfort and efficiency. 


• USB port at the base for charging device
Durable & easy to move your monitors in any direction
• Support dual
monitors each with a size of 17" to 27"
• Each arm supports 4.4 ~19.8 lbs (2-9 kg)
Integrated cable management is available
• Ergonomic design
• Must have item for multitasking at home & in the office


Why Should I Use a Dual Monitor Stand?

Our stylish monitor stand sits on your desk and clamps at its edge. It allows you to place your two monitors exactly where you want them. You can reclaim your desk space for more useful tools and swap out what may be an ugly design for something more subtle and clean.

Our premium dual monitor stand is sturdy, highly adjustable, and easy to install or remove without damaging the desk.

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