Mini Sports Camera

Perfect for Outdoor Action Videos

Do you want to capture your thrilling adventures in stunning details ? Our tiny but mighty HD Mini Sports Camera fits right in your pocket, so you can take it wherever your wild spirit leads.

The built-in WiFi and LED screen make it easy to control the camera and preview your shots on the fly. And with the ability to shoot crisp, ultra HD 4K video at 60 frames per second, you'll capture every jump, dive, and turn in breathtaking clarity.

A hand holding an ultra high definition action camera and other accessories.

Waterproof & High Definition Videos

Don't worry about getting it wet - the waterproof casing lets you dive to 10 meters, so you can film your aquatic adventures in true underwater splendor.

Here's another cool feature: the drive recorder function effortlessly records your road trips, so you can relive every twist and turn. Wherever your exploits take you - skydiving, snorkeling, snowboarding - this pocket-sized powerhouse captures your adventures in stunning detail. Don't just live life - record it in ultra HD!

The 4K 60 FPS HD Mini Sports Camera comes with options for extended storage. Choose from packages with 0GB, 32GB, 64GB, or even a whopping 128GB capacity.

Mini action camera capable of capturing ultra high definition videos at 4K 60 fps.


• Resolution: 4K / 60 fps
• 10 meters waterproof
• Magnetic charging
• EIS anti-shake
• 5X zoom
• 6 effects
• Remote control
• Noise reduction
• 20MP photo
• WiFi & app
• HDMI-Compatible Output

An adventure-ready 4K camera, perfect for capturing high definition videos as your trusty companion in outdoor sports.

A black and white screen showcasing various action cameras capturing ultra high definition videos at 4K 60 fps.

This 4K action camera is perfect for adventure enthusiasts. It is an underwater camera with a machine waterproof feature, allowing you to capture stunning footage and photos without the need for a waterproof shellMini Sports Camera restores every ultra high definition moment. An action camera captures a snowboarder on a snowy slope, ensuring an immersive experience with its 60 fps and 4K resolution. Pocket-sized 4K 60fps camera for capturing ultra-high definition action videosAn action camera with better endurance and a seamless 4K video experience.    The action camera can work in low temperature environment.An action camera capable of capturing 4K ultra high definition videos and storing up to 1500 photos. Intelligent wireless high definition video camera. A person holding a pocket-sized phone with the app for easy intelligent control.

On-board perspective support for ultra high definition driving record mode.The spare parts list for an ultra high definition 4K action camera.

A black and blue action camera with a viewfinder that captures high-quality 4K videos.

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