Smart Mini Fridge

Compact Yet Powerful Fridge

Do you want a cold drink or warm coffee anytime you need it ? With our smart mini-fridge, you can take this compact device with you wherever you go and help cool down or warm up everything ! Smart Mini Fridge

❄️ CONVENIENT: The 4-liter capacity lets you store drinks, beer, food, snacks, breast milk, insulin, vitamins, cosmetics, masks, etc. it is easy to carry anywhere in your home, office, car, road trips, camping, etc. due to its lightweight design. We provide the cables for both home and car use.

Smart Mini Fridge❄️ FAST COOLING & WARMING: With built-in powerful semiconductor chips, our mini refrigerator can achieve fast cooling to 41°F (5°C) or warming up to 149°F (65°C). The 360° all-around sealed design allows it to stay cool or warm for several hours after the power is turned off.

Smart Mini Fridge
❄️ EASY TO USE: Simply connect the fridge to the outlets (220V) or the car charger (12V), switch on the refrigerator, and leave it there.

❄️ SUPER QUIET & ECO-FRIENDLY: Even if you fall asleep, this mini fridge still works quietly without ruining your nap. Also, it adjusts the temperature automatically to minimize energy consumption.

Smart Mini Fridge

  • Weight : 1.6 kg
  • Voltage : 220V for Home Use / 12V for Car Charger
  • Temperature Control: Adjustable Thermostat
  • Dimension: 24 x 17.5 x 23 cm
  • Capacity: 4 L

 Smart Mini Fridge

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