Smart Gaming Soundbar



Soundbar Beyond Your Imagination

Do you want to significantly enhance your gaming experience ? With our smart gaming soundbar, you can hear the explosion and pop sound with crystal precision while playing various action, adventure, and war games.

Smart Gaming Soundbar

Amazing Immersive Experience

Our premium soundbar can provide an immersive gaming experience, thanks to the high-quality 4K Dolby sound. It makes you feel like you are in the middle of the action and takes the thrilling excitement to the next level when you play your favorite games.

Smart Gaming Sound

A Thrilling Gaming Sound System

With an enlarged 1.5L cavity speaker, 2.25''x 4 mid-low range drivers, and 1.25''x 2 trebles, our smart soundbar can truly achieve and deliver deep bass, accurate midrange, and full treble. The crystal clarity and broader sound stages are generated without any distortion. A high-resolution audio source allows you to capture every breath and every heartbeat that greatly enhance your gaming experience.

 Smart Gaming Soundbar

Best AI Optimal Gaming Sound

Innovative HiFi, dynamic mode and six enhanced equalizer modes (Game, Bass+, Music, Movie, News, 3D) are available. By switching to the gaming mode, the bass modules of our soundbar produce extra low-frequency sounds for an even more immersive experience. It will be fantastic to play action games that exhibit explosions and other special effects as if you are the main character on the spot.

Smart Gaming Soundbar

Goodbye to Buzzing Noise

With a digital amplifier and upgraded anti-magnetic design, we ensure that the soundbar will not have static noise even if the sounds play at low volume. The Bluetooth 5.0 provides an ultra-fast connection with low consumption and no hiss or delay. The optimized U-segment antenna and the distortion <0.5% restore the most accurate sound.

Universal Compatibility

Our unique capsule shape is a perfect decoration for your game room. You can use the remote to adjust the volume level and turn on/off the soundbar without having to get up from your position. It is easy to set up our soundbar and connect to your awesome game room in one step.


  • Weight : 3.222 kg
  • Length : 93.5 cm
  • Width : 9.2 cm
  • Height : 6.5 cm
  • Compatible with most TVs via HDMI, USB, Bluebooth, AUX and Optical
  • Fast delivery in 2-6 days by UPS within USA

Smart Gaming Soundbar


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