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Bomaker Smart Soundbar


Soundbar Beyond Your Imagination

Do you want to have a cinematic experience and listen to the best-fidelity & booming sound, just like you're in the live show ? With our Bomaker Smart Soundbar, you can enjoy ultra-good quality sound even if you stay home !

Dolby Digital Sound Format Support

Our soundbar adopts Dolby Audio decoding and audio post-processing technology to enhance the 3D surround sound effect with room-filling. It spurs the sound of every corner, transports you to the movie's center, and sense the storyline with immersive rich sound.

A Thrilling Home Sound System

With an enlarged 1.5L cavity speaker, 2.25''x 4 mid-low range drivers, and 1.25''x 2 trebles, our smart soundbar can truly achieve and deliver deep bass, accurate midrange, and full treble. The crystal clarity and broader sound stages are generated without any distortion. A high-resolution audio source allows you to capture every breath and every heartbeat and won't miss a single detail.

Best AI Optimal Sound

Innovative HiFi, dynamic mode and six enhanced equalizer modes (Game, Bass+, Music, Movie, News, 3D) are available. You can turn off the LED display with just one click to enjoy a perfect home cinema at night. The memory function lets the soundbar remember all your preferences.

Goodbye to Buzzing Noise

With a digital amplifier and upgraded anti-magnetic design, we ensure that the soundbar will not have static noise even if the sounds play at low volume. The Bluetooth 5.0 provides an ultra-fast connection with low consumption and no hiss or delay. The optimized U-segment antenna and the distortion <0.5% restore the most accurate sound.

Universal Compatibility

Our unique capsule shape is a perfect decoration for your TV cabinet. You can use the remote to adjust the volume level and turn on/off the soundbar without having to get up from your position. It is easy to set up our soundbar and connect to your smart homes in one step.


  • Weight : 3.222 kg
  • Length : 93.5 cm
  • Width : 9.2 cm
  • Height : 6.5 cm
  • Compatible with most TVs via HDMI, USB, Bluebooth, AUX and Optical
  • Fast delivery in 2-6 days by UPS within USA

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