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Electric Heating Pad


Say Goodbye To Your Body Pain !

When the winter chill is around us, it is prevalent for your aches and pains to feel stronger and be with you more often. You feel like cuddling up in a ball to keep warm. Many people also move less in winter as they find stiffness in legs or joints even with slight body movement.


It becomes suddenly more challenging to handle cold weather, even for the past's manageable neck and shoulder symptoms. That is why we designed the Electric Heating Pad to minimize your neck and shoulder pain and stiffness in the cold weather. 

Soothing Heat Therapy

The electric heating pad is perfect for soothing shoulder, abdomen, back pain, etc., because it relieves sore muscles and arthritis through heat therapy. The heat flow helps increase blood flow and reduce body pain caused by keeping idle in winter.

Overheat Prevention

The portable heating pad features three heat settings to customize heat intensity depending on your needs with up to 140 Fahrenheit. The 85-watt washable heating pad can be set to automatically power off after being used for up to 120 minutes. Your body won't get burnt even you fall asleep while using our comfortable heating pad.

Instantly Warming Your Body

The long heating pad has a simple electric plug-in design that provides you with instant heat & quickly warms your body. You feel very comfortable as this heating blanket is a coral fleece knitted one, which is super soft, lightweight & made of cozy fabric material.

Durable & Washable

Our electric heating pad includes a digital controller for hassle-free heat density adjustments. The heating pad is washable because the controller can be detached from it before washing. 

Fast Delivery

We understand you feel cold or even so painful that you cannot sleep at night. Thus, we will arrange to ship this life-saver heating pad to you in 1-5 days via FedEx if you live in the United States.


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