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Bomaker Parrot I Projector


Flexible & Customizable Projector

If you buy a 42-inch television and are unhappy with it, the only option is to buy a new one. With projectors, the screen size is infinitely customizable as the hardware is not bound to the external surface. With our top-notch Bomaker Parrot I Projector, you can take the home cinematic experience to the next level.

Bomaker Parrot I Projector

High Contrast Ratio & Resolution

With a 9000:1 high dynamic contrast ratio and 1920*1080 native resolution, our premium projector brings four times more details than other projectors due to the built-in 4K Ultra High Definition. The portrait LCD panel delivers impeccable image quality and creates a perfect visual experience for you.

Home Cinema - Bomaker Parrot I Projector

Giant Screen Beyond Imagination

A significant advantage of projectors for the home cinema system is that the screen size can be set to any extent, large or small, that you desire. Even better, projector screens, regardless of size, are not permanent. Our powerful projector lets you configure the screen size to as large as 300", clearly displaying the photos, videos, or games.

Home Cinema

Innovative ±50° Keystone Correction

With cutting-edge ±50° keystone correction, our high-end projector is much more advanced than most 1080p projectors, which only have vertical keystone correction. You can use rotate/horizontal/vertical keystone settings to adjust the viewing angle. Even if the projector is installed from the ceiling, the remote control can adjust the screen easily.

Home Cinema - Bomaker Parrot I Projector

Advanced ±50% X/Y ZOOM

Are you annoyed by adjusting the screen size by moving the projector back and forth, or worry about the space being too small to accommodate the projector ? Our high-quality projector features ±50% screen zooming and enables flexible placement and adjustment in any environment.

Home Cinema - Bomaker Parrot I Projector

Alternative Fuse & Detachable Dust Cover

Thanks to the detachable dust cover, you can remove and clean the dust cover to keep your projector clean. An alternative fuse is available to provide backup for the projector. Moreover, pressing the reset button can restore the original screen settings with just one click.

Home Cinema - Bomaker Parrot I Projector


  • Weight : 2.77 kg
  • Dolby Digital (AC-3)
  • 5W dual stereo Hi-Fi
  • Projection distance : 1.7 - 9.2 m (5.5 - 30.2 ft)
  • Compatible with most external devices via USB, HDMI, AV, AUDIO out, & VGA ports
  • Fast delivery in 2-6 days by UPS within USA
    Home Cinema - Bomaker Parrot I Projector

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