Smart Vacuum Sealer



Perfect for Extending the Food Life

Food prices are rising due to inflation, making people buy them in bulk and put them in the fridge to save money. To ensure your food stays fresh and in good condition before you consume it, our smart vacuum sealer will remove the air from the bag to reach an optimal vacuum level and airtight seal to extend the storage time of your food.

Smart Vacuum Sealer

Easy to Use

A simple one-touch operation starts the vacuum and sealing process. You can see all vacuum and sealing processes in one go. Once it starts, our smart vacuum sealer takes care of the rest and automatically shuts off when vacuum sealing is completed.
Smart Vacuum Sealer

Lid Open & Close Automatically

Without pressing the lid firmly, you only need to hook both sides of your vacuum sealer machine to start your food preservation process with ease and pleasure. According to the laboratory test result, vacuum-sealing keeps food fresh for 5 to 7 times longer than those stored in ordinary containers or bags.

Smart Vacuum Sealer

4 Customised Operating Modes

You can select the best preservation option based on your different types of food. It is ideal for vegetables, fruits, meats, and even for sous vide.

Smart Vacuum Sealer

Premium Quality & Design

Equipped with high-quality heating wires, our mighty vacuum sealer machine releases heat to seal the bag firmly, locking in the nutrient and flavor of food. You can check the progress from the LCD display. It's a lay-flat sealer which makes it easier to line items up inside the bag compared to a vertical food preservation machine.

Smart Vacuum Sealer

Full Starter Kit

To facilitate you to kickstart the food preservation process easily, we provide an external vacuum hose for canisters / jars and free 10 vaccum bags to you in the full starter kit. After you plug the cable into the socket, our smart vacuum sealer will do everything for you. To clean it, you can detach the removable drip tray and wash it hassle-free.

 Smart Vacuum Sealer


  • Weight : 1.37 kg
  • Length : 36 cm
  • Width : 9 cm
  • Height : 23 cm
  • Fast delivery in 2-6 days by UPS within USA

Smart Vacuum Sealer
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