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Smart UV Cleaner


Portable Yet Powerful UV Cleaner

Bacteria, dirt, and stains are all around us. Do you know a single toothbrush can contain 1.2 million bacteria ? That is why we designed the Smart UV Sanitizer (Future Clean) to let every household defend themselves against the spread of disease, viruses, and bacteria.

I can't believe how much grime blasted off my kid's toothbrushes ! So gross !” - Dorothy B.

Dual Cleaning & Sterilization Effect

With two cutting-edge cleaning techniques, namely UV Sterilization & Ultrasonic Cleaning, our Smart UV Sanitizer can kill 99.99% of bacteria within seconds and remove any residual, dead bacteria, dirt, or tough stains in just 3 minutes. Two UV-C LED germicidal lamps are built into the bottom of the cup. The sterilization function effectively kills E. coli and other bacteria when the ultrasonic cleaning is turned on.


Easy to Use

You can pour water into the ultrasonic cup and put an item to be cleaned inside it, connect the cup to the power base and turn it on. It is fantastic for you to see how powerful the ultrasonic cavitation technology work on built-up dirt and grime, as well as germicidal light sanitizes your personal care products.


Smart Cleaning Cycle Mode

For traditional washing machines, many unexploded air bubbles will be attached to the washing object, resulting in an uneven washing effect. The cleaning cup adopts a cycle mode that starts at an interval of 2 seconds, which can quickly degas and clear unexploded bubbles, effectively enhancing the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cavitation.


Our Smart UV Sanitizer can be rinsed with tap water, thanks to the waterproof design. You don't need to worry about the electric shock caused by water while cleaning the sanitizer.


Compact & Sleek Design

The cylindrical shape is fit for small spaces such as sinks and bathroom shelves. When washing your face, you can easily clean your glasses and toothbrush. It is convenient and easy to store due to its slim design. You can also bring this portable device to clean your items wherever you go !


  • Weight: 0.7 kg
  • Capacity: 450 ml
  • Dimension: 18 x 8 cm
  • Innovative split design for easy water pour
  • High power of 24W for deep cleaning
  • IPX5 waterproof 

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